About Us


Spice Joy Ride Motorcycle Rentals Ltd.


Spice Joy Ride is a motorcycle Rentals and Motorcycle Tours Company carrying a selection of sport bikes and scooters (soon to come).  All of our bikes are maintained to meet factory safety standards as to ensure our customers a fun, safe and affordable riding experience.  We are located in Richmond St. Ann which is about 20 minutes outside of Ocho Rios.  We offer day rentals with a minimum of 2hr rentals and maximum of 4hr rentals.  Rental includes Dot-Approved helmets, reflective safety vests, phone chargers, bike locks and we offer other bike paraphernalia for sale. 

Turn on your riding playlist, hit the throttle and start your adventure.  Imagine experiencing the beauty of Jamaica on a motorcycle where your senses are heightened and your spirit is free.  Whether your a novice or an expert, bikers are a special breed and here at Spice Joy Ride we provide the motorcycles to make that experience possible.  We are one of you and understand the joy of motorcycling.

At Spice Joy Ride we are just as passionate about riding as you are.  Choose from  our fleet of sport bikes and scooters (soon to come) to help make your riding dreams a reality.   We are continuously working to ensure that you have the best possible experience.  So whether your tearing up the road on Highway 2000, enjoying the serenity and turns of Fern Gully or taking in the sights along the coast on A-1, we are honored that you chose us as your partner in these experiences